Thanks a shit

Off the back of news that ITV is persisting in its bizarre policy of showing archive episodes of a densely-plotted, highly-cerebral detective series when it should be screening cartoons, and following on from last week’s Digi-Cream Times, here are the top ten most preposterous bits of posh swearing from Inspector Morse, all of which have recently assailed the ears of the nation’s youth (well, the miniscule portion of it that used to watch Children’s ITV):

1) “I’m scared of bloody heights, you stupid sod!” (from the episode Service Of All The Dead)
2) “You’ve got shit all over you at the moment” (The Dead Of Jericho)
3) “Yes, sir. You did, sir. Didn’t you, sir. Aren’t you a clever Pommy bastard, sir!” (Promised Land)
4) “I’m halfway up my own arse” (The Dead Of Jericho)
5) “He’s a…..shit. Of the first water” (Who Killed Harry Field?)
6) “The bloody Horse Of The Year show came on” (The Sins Of The Fathers)
7) “Rapacious bastards” (Happy Families)
8) “It’s all bullshit of course, what he does. Expensive bullshit” (The Death Of The Self)
9) “Bloody leg – I’m not supposed to walk on it, those bastard doctors” (Deceived By Flight)
10) “Thanks a shit – I mean, really, thanks a complete shit” (The Dead Of Jericho)


One Response to Thanks a shit

  1. johngringo says:

    Thanks for posting those up!

    “A shit of the first water” is an absolute gem.

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