Have you met the wife?

Following on from this, ten instances of bands boasting both half and other half.

1) “I got Paul McCartney out of Wings” “You idiot! He was the best one!” Not, however, when it came to standing glumly on one side of the stage shaking a self-consciously non-miked tambourine while crooning ‘Cooking In The Kitchen Of Love’.

2) “John! John! Let’s pray for peace! Aaaaeeeeeiiiiiiieeeiiiii!” Cornering the market in screaming dirges inside giant bags, it’s professional Lennon marketeer and self-appointed guardian of the world, Mrs Winston O’Boogie. “I know John would be very proud,” commented Yoko – yesterday, and every bloody day.

3) Talking Heads, or as Dale Winton studiously refers to them, The Talking Heads, featuring sticksman Chris Frantz and bass-wielding missus Tina Weymouth.

4) Esther and Abi Ofarim. Purveyors of rose-tinted ‘Cinderella Rockafella’.

5) Peters and Lee. Purveyors of glass-tinted ‘Welcome Home’.

6) Ricky Ross and Lorraine, er, Ross off of Deacon Blue, picking up where Macca left off in having him do the business up front and her stand just to the right with assorted percussion and occasional harmonies. Ditto…

7) Prefab Sprout. When Wendy didn’t show up for one recent tour everyone thought she’d been kicked out. She was, in fact, busying having a baby. The lead singer’s.

8) Eurythmics. One sister did it for herself while the other one prodded three-dimensional keyboards and wore Elton John glasses in the background.

9) The Style Council, or as Dale Winton stupidly refers to them, Style Council, where Paul Weller hitched up with “backing vocals” soulstress DC Lee for a bit, then dumped her along with the rest of the band and his career.

10) Lastly, not so much the Posh and Becks but George and Mildred of their day, Brett Anderson and Justine Frischmann. She helped him form Suede. He claimed to be “a bisexual who’d never had a homosexual experience”. A nation shrugged. She ran off with the bloke from Blur. He released a song called ‘We Are The Pigs’. A nation went out and bought ‘The Great Escape’.


One Response to Have you met the wife?

  1. Miche Doherty says:

    Peters and Lee

    Not a couple.

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