"And not much rhymes with Naughtie, Jim"

There was a great bit on this morning’s Today programme when, as part of their coverage from the Glastonbury Festival, the lead singer from the group The Broken Family Band performed a song specially written for the occasion.

Apparently an avid fan of Today, he not only namechecked all the presenters but even included a mention of some of the reporters, like Environmental Correspondent Sarah Mukherjee. It was fantastic, and evoked the very best tradition of people penning songs about the programme on which they are being featured in, the grand high master of which was, of course, Lord Richard Stilgoe.

To hear it, and it is worth hearing, you’ll have to wade through the 8.00-8.30am segment. It begins at 21 minutes, 20 seconds.

“I’ve been up all night so I can’t be certain
But I think I just saw Edward Stourton…”


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