"Absolutely fantastic performance"

This could well be the single finest Top Of The Pops turn of all time: the Pet Shop Boys doing ‘Can You Forgive Her?’ in 1993.

Neil sits atop a workman’s stepladder in an orange jumpsuit and conical hat, while Chris hatches from inside a giant blue egg, surveys the audience through a striped telescope, then proceeds to do some ballroom dancing with a trio of cricket bat-wielding silver-bodiced sirens.

Watch the audience run, perhaps desperately, into the waiting arms of what sounds to me like Chaka Demus and Pliers.


One Response to "Absolutely fantastic performance"

  1. David Pascoe says:

    Ah the ‘Pops 1993 style.
    1) Mark Franklin or Tony Dortie hosting the show and never bothering to show up in person except at the beginning and end of the programme.
    2) A new song from some major international recording star each week (New Order doing “Regret” on a beach in California sticks in my mind).
    3) Tons of club dance music (2 Unlimited, Urban Cookie Collective) or chart reggae (Shaggy, Snow, Shabba Ranks).
    4) Erasure wondering around in cowboy chaps that showed their buttocks.
    5) The Bluebells performing Young at Heart in a different setting each week (Bluebells Casino, Bluebells Dance Party)…
    So many memories…so much pain.

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