Stilgoe’s on

Friday’s edition of The Now Show on Radio 4 was blessed, and that is the right word, by an appearance from none other than the great Sir Richard himself.

Proving he’s still got it even after all these toll-taking years, our man performed a fantastic number about David Cameron, prefacing it with a classic here’s-what-the-point-of-the-song-is introduction (“Whatever David Cameron does somehow never goes right”) and a preamble in which he used the word “newscasters”, surely not heard on the airwaves for a good few decades.

Unsurprisingly it was a tour de force, but was followed by Rich asking the audience to suggest six things about which he could write a new song, there and then, on the spot. He then went off and Punt and Dennis and an unfunny David Quantick whiled away another 10 minutes or so, before Stilgoe returned to perform a tune about ear wax, scientology, the Chris Tarrant divorce, a great white shark, “heavens to Murgatroyd” and Lord Lucan. Suffice to say it was superb.

Thankfully the whole programme can be heard again until Friday. The first song comes 9 minutes in, the second 25 minutes. Both are well worth fast forwarding to.

Now why isn’t this man on Radio 4 every week?


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