The Macca video jukebox: part nine


Re-record, not fade away

a) It’s another “classic” moment from Give My Regards To Broad Street.
b) It originally appeared on Macca’s 1982 LP ‘Tug Of War’, and was one of many from his back catalogue he decided to, well, “revisit” for the film. It’s a fantastic song, but this version doesn’t quite do it justice.

a) A somewhat sloppy vocal performance by Paul. At one point he takes a breath in the middle of a word, which wouldn’t be quite so bad were the word not “Wanderlust”.
b) Ringo on drums, appearing – as usual – to be playing along to his own, entirely different, song inside his head.
c) George Martin conducting the brass players with a pencil.
d) The brass players doing some synchronised tea-sipping.
e) The bit at the end where, apropos nothing, Paul slips in two bars of Here, There And Everywhere. He knows what people want.

VERDICT: This one’s not for me.

2 Responses to The Macca video jukebox: part nine

  1. Drbendy says:

    Also notice how feminine Paul’s hands are….never seen a hard days night in their life

  2. Jack Kibble-White says:

    I have to say I think this song, and this performance in particular is one of the highlights of Macca’s later years. Although not as good as the Frog Chorus – and I’m not being ironic there, either.

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