The Macca video jukebox: epilogue

By way of a farewell to this never-before-attempted and rarely-read-since feature, Chris Hughes has unearthed Paul holding forth on Aspel And Company in 1984 about metric conversion (“I’m not going decimal, me uncle Joe and me”), impersonating Michael Jackson, promoting a Buddy Holly painting competition, bantering with Tracey Ullman (“She plays this bird who cries all the time”) and joining in with a mass serenade at the end. “I never knew you could sing, Michael!” “Neither did I!”

Part one…

…part two…

…and part three:

2 Responses to The Macca video jukebox: epilogue

  1. Drbendy says:

    Macca Checklist update

    “we used to sagg off school”

  2. Drbendy says:

    I also must comment as a person too young to actually remember Aspel, he is brilliant, he quite the cheeky rascal. I especially like the Sinatra suicide joke he’s wasted on Antiques Roadshow.

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