The TV Cream Advent Calendar: Door 2

Well, judging by the number of responses so far, this advent calendar thing is clearly going to be a thunderously popular feature.

Anyway, here’s a trio of festive teasers that, failing to prompt any answers, might at least divert somebody’s attention for a few seconds.

a) What song did Peter Duncan perform in the 1986 Blue Peter special Christmas panto edition?

b) What was the name of the special EastEnders spin-off shown on Boxing Day in 1988, and when was it set?

c) From which incredibly exciting location did Keith Chegwin host part of BBC1’s New Year’s Eve festivities in 1983?

6 Responses to The TV Cream Advent Calendar: Door 2

  1. FeedbackReport says:

    a) Boiled Beef & Carrots
    b) Civvy Street, set in, um, the inter-war years?
    c) Hell

  2. Chris Hughes says:

    Lest we forget, Civvy Street featured Fay Lucas as Ethel Skinner, a classic piece of worlds-in-collison casting.

    I seem to recall at the time much talk of further ‘stEnders spin-offs, specifically one set in the swinging 60s featuring Den, Angie, Pete, Pat etc all meeting up.

  3. Five-Centres says:

    Wot, no TVQuick covers?

  4. Ian Jones says:

    If hell is the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, then Tim gets full marks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What’s happened to the Christmas log on your sister site Offthetelly?


  6. Ian Jones says:

    There’s a problem with the security settings on the server – I think – which is preventing Graham, the editor, from publishing. Unfortunately there’s also no way of putting up a blue slide with white lettering apologising for the temporary interruption of service.

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