The TV Cream Advent Calendar: Door 17

Just one question today:

Who, in the history of television, has starred in the most number of Christmas specials?


16 Responses to The TV Cream Advent Calendar: Door 17

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cliff Richard?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Des O’Connor?

  3. steve norgate says:

    I was think along the lines of Morcambe and Wise or the Two Ronnies.

    Or, I did wonder if the Queen counts…

  4. Ian Jones says:

    Wrong so far…

  5. Chris O says:

    Bruce Forsyth?

  6. Graham Kibble-White says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Gerry Sadowitz?

  8. Iain Griffiths says:

    Val doonican?

  9. Vivelecommonlaw says:

    Bill Roache (Ken Barlow)?

  10. Ian Jones says:

    Still wrong…

  11. Steve Williams says:

    Is it, like, Jesus and that?

  12. steve norgate says:

    How about David Jason?

    Porridge (guest star but, still)
    Open All hours
    Only Fools
    Touch OF Frost
    Darling Buds

  13. John Rivers says:

    French and Saunders, or does it just seem like it?

  14. Ian Jones says:

    The answer is…

    …Mike Yarwood. A grand total of 17 specials, every year from 1971 to 1987.

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