In every house, again again

Graham Kibble-White has, perhaps in an effort to leaven the mood, suggested a trawl of title sequences that cheer you up. And by way of an opening gambit he offers Sir Bob, with Ted Bovis, doing his best received pronunciation and toffee-in-the-mouth chirruping:


6 Responses to In every house, again again

  1. John Rivers says:

    I’d say Desmonds, thanks to its upbeat dancehall meets late-80s scratchtastic stylings.

    And probably the original Knightmare intro sequence too. Not particularly funny, it instead primed you for the amazing fantasy adventure to come. Plus the music, being keyboard produced, gave it that techno-edge that tied in neatly with all the whizzy graphics you were going to see on the show. “Welcome once again to the dungeon of deceit!”

  2. Jack Kibble-White says:

    Clearly the answer you are looking for here is the title sequence to “Kick Start”

  3. fl3m says:

    Talespin. Maybe not quite Cream-era, but it was an ace cartoon and it had an ace theme tune.

    I would have loved to have been in the room when they pitched that one to Disney: “It’s basically the cast of the Jungle Book, but they run an air cargo freight business”

  4. Five-Centres says:

    Girls On Top.

  5. FeedbackReport says:

    Nightingales, no question.

  6. Matthew Rudd says:

    Never The Twain. The programme which followed was hideous, mind.

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