Facts amazing

Provisional plans for this week’s Digi-Cream Times mailout, due on Thursday, including a free cover-mounted dreidel in the shape of Alan Sugar’s face, have been completed junked.

Instead the issue will be devoted to the truth and nothing but. Yes, in an attempt to clear up suggestions of disingenuity and misdirection, the theme will be facts. No-nonsense, down-the-line facts. And lots of ’em.

Facts about next week’s television. Facts about TV Cream. Facts about Creamguide. Heavens, perhaps even facts about Doctor Who.

Just what will these facts be? That’s where you come in. This is your chance to minimise the amount of content dreamed up on somebody’s joyless journey home from work and, in the process, devolve responsibility to the masses.

What facts do you want to know about TV Cream? What hot potatoes do you wish to be grasped? What lies do you want exposed? And what voracity deserves to be placed upon its inside knowledge of forthcoming children’s science fiction programmes?

Remember: the less suggestions received, the more unfocussed self-penned drivel will be published instead.

Email your questions to digicreamguide@tvcream.co.uk, or leave a comment below.

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