31 Days In May: part 31

Saturday 31st May 2008

One final set of questions.

Who uttered the last words to be broadcast on:
1) TV-am
2) Thames Television
3) The Big Breakfast
4) Mark Radcliffe’s Radio 1 graveyard shift
5) Eldorado?

Thanks to everyone who’s joined in this bit of nonsense during the month.


31 Days In May: part 30

Saturday 31st May 2008

Which of these is not a song by Paul McCartney?

a) Oo You
b) Bogey Music
c) Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae
d) Bip Bop
e) Electricity Man

31 Days In May: part 29

Thursday 29th May 2008

Three quick questions today:

Who was the first voice to be heard on
a) Radio 1
b) Radio 5
c) Radio 5 Live?

31 Days In May: part 28

Wednesday 28th May 2008

Here’s Mary Whitehouse in 1967 talking about her favourite programme. But what is it?

“Already there are some programmes serving a very real social purpose. Week after week that popular programme xxxx has brought to us the tragic side of life, but always with humour and drama and with a responsible objective in mind. It shows that the BBC can do it if it wants to.”

31 Days In May: part 27

Wednesday 28th May 2008

What’s the odd one out in this list – and why?

Window cleaner
Post Office engineer

31 Days In May: part 26

Monday 26th May 2008

One last batch of Radio Times billings to identify, this time from May 1988:

1) Tonight’s contest is between Sandbach School from Chesire and All Saints High School from Huddersfield.

2) Imported animals are found slaughtered and with the use of a metal detector and surgery, Taylor finds out why.

3) From the casino in xxx, introduced by Gary Davies. Some of the artists in today’s programme include Bananarama, Climie Fisher, Taylor Dayne, Was (Not Was) and Donny Osmond.

4) Real-life stories about children today, told by children themselves.

5) “It’s all about you, the Great British public”, says Derek Jameson. For the next 13 weeks he’ll be joined by reporters Jeni Barnett, Lucy Pilkington and Chris Serle.

31 Days In May: part 25

Monday 26th May 2008
Whose nose do you suppose?

And the answer is…