31 Days In May: part 3

Slightly more tricky, perhaps: what was unusual about the closing titles from the final ever episodes of:

a) Seaview
b) Jossy’s Giants
c) That’s Life!


12 Responses to 31 Days In May: part 3

  1. Chris Hughes says:

    Was there a slow, mournful piano version of the theme tune?

    Or did all three involve the cast being blasted off into space, with an announcer chuckling, “they’ll be back!”

  2. Empressburger says:

    They all had false endings ? i.e They all restarted after the end credits.

  3. FeedbackReport says:

    Chris, you’ve just made me spit out water laughing!

  4. Clive says:

    They didn’t have any ??

    I sort of remember the final edition of ‘That’s Life’ running over and missing out on the end titles. An unlikely scenario for Seaview/Jossy’s Giants I admit…

  5. James says:

    I remember the Seaview ending clearly; Yvette Fielding turned to camera and said “I never wanted to be an actress, you know. I always wanted to take night-vision cameras around stately homes and pretend to be scared when hokum Liverpudlian ‘mediums’ kicked cupboard doors and pretended it was a ghost”

  6. Andy C says:

    Sorry, can you clarify – is it the same kind of unusual ending to each show? Or was each ending unusual in a different way?

    Not that knowing this is going to make it any more likely I’ll get a right answer.

  7. Ian Jones says:

    There was something atypical about the music that accompanied the closing credits from the final edition of these shows.

  8. Matthew Rudd says:

    Was there a live band playing it on set, rather than the regular recording?

  9. Chris Hughes says:

    All of them had specially rewritten lyrics to mark the occasion?

  10. RossMc says:

    I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that the final episode of Jossy’s Giants departed to the regular theme tune, only performed in Italian, as the lads had just taken a tour there.

    I have absolutely no idea why Seaview or That’s Life would have done the same, but that’s my best guess.

  11. FeedbackReport says:


    The final Seaview had a rollicking even more mental than usual ‘rawk-out’ version by the band who backed Sandie singing ‘We’re Tomorrow’, no?

  12. Ian Jones says:

    Between yourselves you’ve more or less got there. The last Jossy’s Giants ended with the closing theme done in Italian, a “humorous” comment on a barmy European integration-led plotline. The last Seaview ended with a squealing guitar-led wig out of the usual plonky-plonk tune. And the last That’s Life theme didn’t happen, at least not properly, because of the team playing a “practical joke” on Esther and extending the show by a further 3 hours or so to pay tribute to her life and work.

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