31 Days In May: part 8

What perpetually ill-advised thing is about to happen here?

3 Responses to 31 Days In May: part 8

  1. Steve Williams says:

    Er, David Dimbleby’s going to take over and ruin it completely and see the show axed and replaced with something even worse?

  2. Chris Hughes says:

    I reckon Sue and Hugh are going to “throw open” the show to a team of “junior correspondents” who will be called something like The Nationwide Generation ’81. Pictured are a young Fiona Bruce, Jeremy Vine and Claudia Winkleman.

  3. Ian Jones says:

    These are indeed the three lucky people chosen “from nearly 5,000 applicants” to present the edition of Nationwide on Friday 17th December 1980. Their names, for the record: Lisa Halligan (aged 10) from Glasgow, Timothy Briggs (11) from Essex and Elizabeth David (age not known) from London.

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