31 Days In May: part 9

Simple one today:

When did New Doctor Who jump the shark?

1) The first time David Tennant went “Hoh yessss!”
2) The first time the Daleks stopped being scary
3) The first time Catherine Tate pulled a ‘durrrr’ face and shouted something
4) The time David Tennant turned into a Fraggle
5) About two hours ago (Martha falls into a giant puddle, an grizzled old man spouts off like one of those preachers in Life Of Brian, David Tennant holds a gun to someone’s head etc.)


12 Responses to 31 Days In May: part 9

  1. Chris Hughes says:

    I think it was when Doctor Who arbitrarily decided to start going on about how much he didn’t like guns and killing and stuff at least six times every episode.

  2. Fakesnake says:

    I think it was in Last of the Timelords when instead of using science to figure stuff out he used Psychic power and praying.

  3. FakeSnake says:

    I also leave my predictions for the Agatha Christie episode next week. Any of which will make me turn off my television and actually do something with my life

    1. A cack handed attempt to rip off ‘And Then There Were None’.

    2. Cack handily making reference to any character, place or murder Agatha Christie has ever written.

    3.Some cack handed explanation for Agatha Christie’s mysterious disappearance.

    4. A cack handed reference to the Sixth Doctor.

    5. “The Butler Did It”

    Bonus points will be awarded for any country house stereotypes forced down our necks which can include crusty old majors, snide old spinsters, and a feckless idiot with a nasal accent.

    However all we be forgiven if they make any mention of Margaret Rutherford.

  4. FeedbackReport says:

    About a third of the episodes of each series so far have been dodgy, and the rest great, so the general reaction to this current run is baffling. It’s better than series two for a start…!

  5. Jason says:

    Has the Peter Kay/sexual relationship with a paving slab episode from the ‘first’ series slipped the collective consciousness already? That was where I gave up.

  6. Ian Jones says:

    I think the Kay nonsense was series 2, wasn’t it? Compared to the current series, it now feels like 45 minutes of fun and laughter.

  7. Chris Hughes says:

    I don’t want to turn this into an outpost of, er, Outpost Gallifrey but my problem with this series is that it’s so damn uneven – last night’s episode had some good bits (the Hath and their Martha love) but, as Jill P has pointed out elsewhere, the ‘seven day war’ thing didn’t really make much sense. The Jenny “death” scene felt like a really artificial, grafted-on attempt to do some emoting. Although I suppose that’s sort of fitting, in a way.

  8. Andy C says:

    i just want to say a big THANK YOU to the people in the TV Cream/Creamguide office for telling us the TRUTH about the new SERIES OF DOCTOR WHO and not being a FAWNING IMBECILE like everyone ecxept about six people on outpost gallifrey. if it wanst for you NO_ONE would know how bad David ‘Ten’nant or KATHERINE TATE is or what a MESS the show is and i dont care how much the BBC put it on the cover of the RADIO TIMES (whose side are they on? do people ever think?) it is becuase of you and the man who wrote NEW ADVENTURES and writes on his blog before the POLICE make him take it down that the SHOCKING STATE of the new series is brought kicking and ascreaming into the limelight.

  9. Anonymous says:

    David Tennant: The Shouty One.
    Christopher Ecclestone: The Gurning One.

  10. Macky J says:

    You lot are so harsh – Who’s better than it’s been in years….

    Maybe you’d be happier if they took it off the screens again and you could moan about how it’s not on….


  11. Chris Hughes says:

    The last time I saw a straw man like that was in The Family of Blood.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think its great that Dr Who has successfully re-entered the public conciousness again. However I’m having doubts about this series although curiously, Catherine Tate isn’t one of them. She’s fine, but I think Tennant has gone off the boil a bit. There’s far too much emotional stuff, to point of numbness. I think TV Cream’s constant sniping is out of unadulderated jealousy and those oh so clever wags who carp on about one or two poor episodes seem to forget that the old series was just as patchy (Look at series 21 from 1984, Caves of Androzani and Warriors of the Deep were chalk and cheese and made pretty much the same way).
    It needs freshening up – a new production team a new direction and of course a new Doctor…

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