31 Days In May: part 11

Suggestions, please, as to what’s occurring here:


5 Responses to 31 Days In May: part 11

  1. Chris Hughes says:

    Mutual loathing and jealousy?

  2. Andy D says:

    Has Janice Long been to the toilet and left her skirt tucked into her underwear?

  3. DavidS says:

    Going by the T-shirts, I’ll take a stab at the changing of the BBC radio frequencies (from Fab 247 in this case) in 1978.

  4. Matthew Rudd says:

    As Paul Burnett is currently my colleague, I showed him the pic. He grinned, peered carefully at it and confirmed that the frequency change was indeed the reason for it.

    However, he professes a) not to remember doing it; and b) having no idea whatsoever who the bloke bottom right with the shades is.

  5. Ian Jones says:

    Bottom right is Adrian “So what happened next? Oh really? And what did you say?” Juste. The photo is dated 8th October 1978, and captioned “Radio 1 DJs At A London Studio Having A Break From Recording ‘The New Wavelengths'”.

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