31 Days In May: part 12

Last lines of autobiographies, this one. Can you match up the five sign-offs with the correct author?

a) Cue Frank FRANK BOUGH
b) Last Of The Hot Metal Men DEREK JAMESON
c) Grand Inquisitor ROBIN DAY
d) As It Happens JIMMY SAVILE
e) Crying With Laughter BOB MONKHOUSE

1) “And that’s about it folks. We can all do good things on our own, but great things when we enjoy Good Company Of. So, God be with you all. P.S. I hope He really does take it easy on sinners!!”

2) “Whatever television touches, it can magnify, inflate, project and spread. Such power should be put on the side of reason and civilised behaviour. Television should be biased in favour of reason.”

3) “Perhaps the man on the radio was right. Perhaps there is another challenge, something I can do better. This year, 1980, I’m forty-seven. Tell me: is it too late? What should we all do next?”

4) “I’ll settle for the epitaph given by Marlene Dietrich’s Gypsy to Orson Welles’s cop in Touch Of Evil: He was some kind of man. What does it matter what you say about people?”

5) “I leave you with my epitaph – it sums up what this crazy ride on life’s merry-go-round has been all about: In memory of xxxx, the editor who found the oldest budgie in Britain.”


2 Responses to 31 Days In May: part 12

  1. John Rivers says:

    I’ll have a go:


  2. Ian Jones says:

    Cheers John, five out of five!

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