31 Days In May: part 18

More Radio Times billings to identify, this time from March 1989:

1) Consumer advice, misprints, mishaps and real-life humour drawn from your letters.

2) As a hippie community come to the outback to commune with nature, Geoff finds the city isn’t all he remembered, while Chris has to deal with a difficult patient dying of emphysema.

3) With the aid of international experts and personalities on the satellite link, xxx goes world-wide to test the trends, plunder the programmes, and take a look at what’s on everywhere, right now.

4) “I want some straight answers Sally – I want to know what’s going on.”

5) Rock for grown-ups, including Brian Wilson, Robert Cray, Malcolm McLaren and Huey Lewis.


8 Responses to 31 Days In May: part 18

  1. Anonymous says:

    1 – That’s Life
    2 – Flying Doctors
    3 – Some Clive James thing
    4 – Corrie?

  2. fl3m says:

    Radio Times would have still been BBC only back in 1989, wouldn’t it?

    1. That’s Life
    2. The Flying Doctors?
    5. The Late Show?

  3. Chris Hughes says:

    I think 3 must be Saturday Night Clive (“‘allo Clive!”), those “personalities on the satellite link” no doubt including Vitali Vitaliev.

    I was thinking 5 might be Rapido, but would they have had Huey Lewis on?

  4. Phil Norman says:

    5. must be Wired, mustn’t it? Unless it’s Rock Steady. Either that or it’s Friday at the Dome.

  5. Ian Jones says:

    4 is actually a billing for Neighbours, while 5 is indeed Rapido.

  6. Matthew Rudd says:

    Who was the Sally in Neighbours in 1989 then? I can’t think beyond Kate Ritchie, but that was a different soap.

  7. fl3m says:

    According to The Internet, Sally was the half sister of Des.


  8. Matthew Rudd says:

    Bloody hell, I really don’t remember her at all, and I was Neighbours bonkers in 1989.

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