31 Days In May: part 23

The production team for This Is Your Life used to have a code-name system in operation, to help disguise the identity of forthcoming subjects. Which celebrities were given the following, not entirely unrelated, handles? Each one refers to an aspect of that person’s career (a programme, an advert, etc.) or a play on one of their names.

1) Cube
2) Legend
3) Yeast
4) House
5) Abbot


2 Responses to 31 Days In May: part 23

  1. fl3m says:

    Here are some random guesses:

    1. Linda Bellingham/Michael Redfearn
    2. Les Dawson
    3. Brian Glover
    4. Brian Cant
    5. Bob Monkhouse

  2. Ian Jones says:

    That’s not bad, actually – I think judging by the lack of any other responses, this was a bit too hard. Or just dull. 1 is indeed Ms Bellingham, and 5 Bob Monkhouse.
    House is Richard O’Sullivan; Yeast is Jean Boht; Legend is, stupidly, Tony Blackburn.

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