31 Days In May: part 28

Here’s Mary Whitehouse in 1967 talking about her favourite programme. But what is it?

“Already there are some programmes serving a very real social purpose. Week after week that popular programme xxxx has brought to us the tragic side of life, but always with humour and drama and with a responsible objective in mind. It shows that the BBC can do it if it wants to.”

7 Responses to 31 Days In May: part 28

  1. Andy L says:

    Songs of Praise?

  2. John Rivers says:

    Dixon of Dock Green?

  3. Paul McQuillan says:


  4. CompleteIdiot says:

    Doctor Who?

  5. Matthew Rudd says:

    Eurotrash has to be the funniest blog comment I’ve read all week…

  6. Ian Jones says:

    John’s right: it was Dixon Of Dock Green.

  7. RossMc says:

    That’ll be the same ‘Dixon’ of Dock Green who endorsed ‘giving the wife a slap’ at one point quite late on in the series?

    Source: A well-respected, excellent book on Saturday night TV.

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