31 Days In May: part 31

One final set of questions.

Who uttered the last words to be broadcast on:
1) TV-am
2) Thames Television
3) The Big Breakfast
4) Mark Radcliffe’s Radio 1 graveyard shift
5) Eldorado?

Thanks to everyone who’s joined in this bit of nonsense during the month.


6 Responses to 31 Days In May: part 31

  1. James says:

    Crikey, fantastic question… Not sure about the first two, but;

    3) I remember the end of the final episode, but can only recall a general rabble including the likes of Mike McClean, the worst presenter in the world. Sorry :(
    4) I remember Tiny Tears was the last track played – Does that mean the last voice was Stuart Staples? Or was there a final closing exchange which ended with Lard talking to Clare Sturgess? Bet-hedge-tastic!
    5) I think it was Marcus’s fancy piece.

  2. David says:

    I think that (1) was Mike Morris?

  3. Anonymous says:

    4) Mark & Lard left a week before the show offically finished. Stuart Maconie deputised for the final week and his was the last voice heard.

  4. Matthew Rudd says:

    I demand a 31 (well, 30) days in June!

  5. Ian Jones says:

    Mike Morris was indeed the last voice to be heard on TV-am. Richard Dunn, boss of Thames, was the final one to speak on the nights of its demise. You’re right there was a undignified hubbub at the end of The Big Breakfast; I always thought Richard Bacon had the last word. Stuart Maconie signed off on the graveyard shift in Radcliffe’s absence. And as for Eldorado…well, I’d assumed it was Marcussssssssssssss Tandy.

  6. Steve Williams says:

    “I always thought Eldorado was a terribly good name”?

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