What’s on Wogan

This seems to be something of a mismatch. It’s a format that anybody could present, and has no obvious schtick with which Wogan can interact and about which he can moan.

Fortunately there are, naturally, alternative formats in which Terry would fit just, if not more, snugly. Such as:

Terry’s All Gold
A family-based general knowledge game show with three teams competing to see who will progress furthest along Wogan’s Yellow Brick Road to win the chance to pull back Terry’s Curtain and discover what lies at the heart of Oz. “It’s a wizard of a prize,” cracks Tel.
Join your genial host as he struggles to keep order amongst his host of helpers, including the ‘Pickled Witch of the West’ (Fran Godfrey), the ‘Bin Man’ (Boggy) and the ‘Cowardly Scion’ (Deadly).
Expect laughs a-plenty as Wogan finds the business of leading contestants along his road somewhat tiring (“Heavens, I could do with a bathchair – has anyone seen Jimmy Young?”), never mind the attentions of a computer-generated Toto (“Begone, foullest mutt!”)

Join Wogan as he invites you on a journey through his back pages.
Our man has been busy wading through his own personal archive of newspaper cuttings and publicity stills, ready to challenge contestants to “Tel all” (sic) about a number of episodes from his hectic, showbiz life.
Bonus points will be available for supplementary questions. “I interviewed Madonna in 1989 – but can anybody tell me, what’s the Material Girl’s surname?” Surprise guests will also be dropping by to share warm anecdotes about Terry’s illustrious career.

Wogan’s Roll
“Yee-haw – it’s a bonanza of a quiz show!”
Join Terry on his wild west ranch for a hoe-downright hootin’ and hollerin’ good time. Contestants must answer questions in order to bag enough time to ride Boggy’s Bronco and stand a chance of winning a star prize.
But watch out! Deadly Doc Holliday is on the loose, desperate to “cheat them rascals out of what’s rightfully mine – darn it!” Altogether now: Wogan’s roll!

One Response to What’s on Wogan

  1. Mark Wright says:

    Not forgetting…

    Wogan’s Run – El Tel’s hugely confusing, futuristic elimination game. Using state-of-the-art CGI, 100 adult contestants are depicted as children at the start, but as they continue to answer questions incorrectly, the video effects age them dramatically until – boom! – they’re bloodily executed on their Lastday.

    Thus losing the prized opportunity to win a coveted Wogan’s Run Chip & Pin.


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