Bill Cotton RIP

This is truly sad news.

Bill Cotton was one of the absolute greats: a shameless showman, a true populist, a scheduling wizard, a variety stalwart, an inspiration and mentor to thousands, and damn near responsible for every show TV Cream holds dear.

He seemed to have been around forever, a vital link with the traditions and practices upon which the best of British telly was built, but still holding forth and dispensing pearls of wry and witty wisdom long after retirement. It’s horrible to think of the world without him.

Forget all latterday pretenders to the throne, all latecomers to the crystal bucket, all modern day broadcasting suits and nabobs and bean-counters: Bill Cotton was and always will be your real, textbook, genuine TV hero.

There’s now a proper tribute on the site.

3 Responses to Bill Cotton RIP

  1. Gavin says:

    Remarkable legacy he leaves behind:Python,Eric and Ernie, The Two Ronnies, Jim’ll Fix It, The Generation Game, Top of the Pops and of course his father’s own Band show. He was related to Fearne Cotton as he was her grandfathers cousin. RIP Bill and thanks for the memories!

  2. Five-Centres says:

    We’ll never see his like again. Sad, but too true.

  3. Gavin says:

    May I also suggest that one of the channels (BBC 2 or BBC Four) have a night dedicated to him and show some programmes that he helped bring to the screen. It would be nice to see them…to see them nice! (Couldn’t resist that!) also show an edition of his fathers band show.

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