Changes are being made

Property magnates, alliterative abbreviations and one-time-linkers-of-children’s-cartoons, Dick and Dom, have been sacked from Radio 1.

That’s not the reason for this post. The reason is the fact that in this write-up of the news by, who else, the Media Guardian, the lads’ once-all-conquering trademark game, Bogies, is still being completely misrepresented. Five years on.

Right from the outset the Guardian have had trouble with this, seemingly unable to ever correctly describe the purpose of Bogies as being to shout the word, yes, “bogies”. And now, even after all this time, they still persist in talking about the game like a hopeless half-sane great uncle, referring to kids having to shout “bogey”.

Only the Media Guardian, the place where the least amount of TV is watched in the whole of the country, is it possible to get something so simple so wrong so many times for so many years.


3 Responses to Changes are being made

  1. Steve Williams says:

    You’ll note that this other Media Guardian story today – – has been updated, as before it announced Bonekickers “had been dumped from its usual Tuesday slot”. “Dumped” as in “finished last week”.

  2. david pascoe says:

    When is Radio 1 going to offend Colin Murray’s sense of his own self-importance enough for him to quit?

  3. Five-Centres says:

    It’s obsessed with US TV, US magazines and newspapers, while never giving anything over here a) a look in; or b) a chance. It’s far too busy wanking over The Wire and other shows no one watches. It drives me insane.

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