Photo clippage #41

It’s 1972. Any suggestions as to the record Roy has just broken here?

7 Responses to Photo clippage #41

  1. Mark H Wilkinson says:

    Most number of musical instruments played in a minute (I’m assuming his legendary ability to get a tune out of a kettle was involved).

  2. Matthew Rudd says:

    Most instruments played in a minute while keeping the same tune going.

  3. Chris Hughes says:

    I think he’s a drum-bashing, sink-playing, banjo-plucking, bongo-tapping, gong-thumping, music-making RECORD BREAKER!!!

  4. Steve says:

    Playing one tune on 43 different instruments in four minutes (on a trampoline?)

  5. Chris Hughes says:

    Obviously, the correct McWhirter-approved answer to Ian’s question is “well, there are two schools of opinion…”

  6. Mark H Wilkinson says:

    There’s something wrong with a world in which one can’t find a clip of Roy Castle singing “Dedication” on YouTube.

    Do we get to hear the right answer on this one?

  7. Ian Jones says:

    He was breaking the record for playing the most instruments in one song, including a kettle.

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