US election clippage: part two

Back to 1984 this time, and Dan Rather’s waiting for us in an impressively-staffed, multi-screen CBS studio.

But first, the ubiquitous plugs. This time we’ve got to tip our electoral college-sized hats to “Manufacturers Hanover, the Financial Source Worldwide”, “the Sun Company – where there’s sun, there’s energy” and last but not least “Mastercard, Mastercard International: so worldly, so welcome”.

Surely this is maddening to anyone watching these kinds of programmes. You’re desperate for the latest news, you’ve been waiting up for the next set of declarations…and instead you get a load of smarmy sponsorship messages. It sounds very parochial, but does this sort of thing still go on? Even on crucial history-making election nights?

Anyway, once Dan can get a word in, he’s got some exciting news. It seems Ronnie might be back in, despite poor old Walter Mondale taking the District of Columbia and thereby garnering a thunderous three votes. It’s morning again in America!

3 Responses to US election clippage: part two

  1. Mark Jones says:

    Brilliant stuff. I can imagine a room full of mid-80s computer boffins sitting just off camera bemoaning Walter Mondale’s woeful performance, and how it’s about to diminish the 3D charts they’ve been working on for months.

  2. steve norgate says:

    Is Dan cold? What’s with Navy V-neck?

    Also, love the sound of that dot-matrix printer in the background.

  3. David Pascoe says:

    “Heh,heh. No wonder he won Minnesota.”

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