Sans Wogan

This is no great surprise, but the choice of replacement is completely wrong.

You don’t get a camp parodist to front a camp parody. You get someone who is the complete opposite, and who is therefore able to essay some ‘ill-at-ease’ business. You also need someone who treats the thing as a television event rather than a song contest, which Norton won’t. Because despite the ever-present ‘songs are so bad they’re good’ constituency, the fact is the songs in the Eurovision Song Contest really are bad (yes they are), and the only reason so many people watch it is precisely because it is one of the few telly ‘events’ there are left. 

Someone like Chris Tarrant or Huw Edwards would have been a twenty times more sensible appointment.



6 Responses to Sans Wogan

  1. Andy Elms says:

    Nah, gotta be from one Radio 2 presenter to another. The master of trivial things made serious, the Bake!

    I always thought his version of “Pets Win Prizes” was the seminal one.

    Failing that, Jeremey Vine ranting about “political” voting??

  2. Louis Barfe says:

    I thought Paddy O’Connell was the heir apparent. He’d be great, like Wogan before he tipped over into (admittedly glorious) self-parody.

  3. Iain Griffiths says:

    Personally think Jon Snow would be great, seen him do a couple of comedy things and he has the delivery to carry this off.

  4. Lolsworth says:

    I don’t think it’s that bad of a choice, but you’re right that the presenter is meant to be the straight man. Of course, they were grooming Christopher Price for the job.

  5. bionic_bob says:

    Why should be worried? I mean Rolf Harris has done it before, that’s when Song for Europe was in his own show… Nothing new there then and also Michael Aspel has done the duties as well, it had to happen at some time…

  6. fl3m says:

    Angus Deayton would have been about right.

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