Pod almighty

TV Cream’s second podcast is now available to download. It’s 70MB and lasts around 45 minutes.

Already you can see that heed has been paid to one of the main observations concerning the first podcast. That’s right. The running time has been brutally scythed by SIX MINUTES. In climates like these, everyone’s got to make cuts, and TV Cream’s podcast department* is no exception.

The theme of the podcast is Christmas. As such the show comes from a suitably seasonal location, and, not uncoincidentally, also features suitably seasonal features.

Among the sultana-shaped items protuding on aural sticks from this mpeg-encoded christingle are:

– an investigation into what makes the perfect Christmas song. SPOILER: it isn’t Fairytale of New York.

– a review of some correspondence received about the previous podcast, and a listen to some of your suggestions for theme sandwiches.

– a salute to Val Doonican and his festive television spectaculars.

– another attempt to make the facts amazing conceit work as a quiz.

There are also numerous guest appearances from the voices of familiar celebrities, though not like the B-side of Do They Know It’s Christmas, and last but not least a musical contribution from an inimitable personality – and you should try imitating him! Here is a clue to their identity.


*no such department exists.

10 Responses to Pod almighty

  1. Andy Elms says:

    Regarding the ultimate Christmas song, while I wouldn’t disagree with Chris Rea, mainly for it’s ability to be sung whilst suffering from a cold, I’m surprised that Half Man Half Biscuit’s “It’s Clichéd to be Cynical at Christmas” passed you by. It’s got hand (not jingle) bells, strings, a choir of kids and the Traditional in the shape of “I Saw Three Ships”

    And it’s always a joy to hear the opening theme from “The Box of Delights”

  2. Chris O says:

    Brilliant stuff! Well done fellas! Thoroughly enjoyed that… in fact I’ve listened to it three times already!

    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2009…


  3. Rob Williams says:

    That’s a sahme that the department doesn’t exsist at all! Just had imagines of theme elves compiling everything together under the gaze of a certain personality….. Plus good to see my old apfs partner here Mr O!

  4. Jason Carter says:

    Well, I’ve had a box of Toffifee every year since age 7, and even a Big Trak (with trailer – dad must have been having an affair) but I reckon the best Christmas present I’ve ever had is a name check in the TV Cream podcast. Congrats on yet another fantastic piece of work.

  5. Chris O says:

    Rob Williams as I live and breathe! Hello mate! Yes, still faithfully supporting TV Cream after all these years… Ah, APFS… happy days… :)

  6. Jools says:

    Yep great stuff guys…twas a most enjoyable listen on the Pendolino. Liked the Xmas Day line-up continuty stuff and the Val Doonican dissection. More of that type of stuff next time please guys!!!

  7. Rob Williams says:

    Left the mocking world behind and got into comedy! But though after a while Toffeeeee, whatever its called… Used to make me sick! But always a great standby from the local newsagent!

  8. David McNay says:

    Can’t believe you repeated the nonsense that the “your letter” song from Jim’ll Fix It is a perfect scene setter. How can you set the scene for a programme when that song’s at the END?

    Apart from that…excellent stuff!

  9. Richard Shaw-Wright says:

    “Release the flies!” made me choke on my Vienetta…..fabulous!

  10. TV Cream says:

    Thanks for the comments. Any and all feedback is much appreciated.

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