Charlie Brooker on Oliver Postgate

His finest hour.


5 Responses to Charlie Brooker on Oliver Postgate

  1. gavin says:

    I’ve just watched the whole show on the BBC iPlayer. A really beautiful tribute to Oliver Postgate but also watch out for a section about a show called the Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson-its like something from your worst nightmares!-but very funny.

  2. Gary says:

    A very fine tribute to Oliver Postgate indeed. It was the Johnny Ball Games pilot that left me sitting slouched in front of the tv genuinely open mouthed in shock and awe. That was definitely a show that should have been made. The song and dance number featuring Mr Ball in an expressive dance routine with brightly clad dancers…

  3. Chris Hughes says:

    Despite Charlie claiming that nobody would recall Johnny Ball Games, I certainly remember it. I remember fiercely resenting those jazz singers (“If you have a high IQ, if you can’t add two and two, either way this show’s for you, Johnny Ball Gaaaaaaames!”) for getting in the way of Johnny’s patented brand of pop-science and puns. I wanted Johnny doing mathematical tricks and a solar-powered engine coming down from the ceiling to the accompaniment of Jean-Michel Jarre. We really need a best of Think… DVD, actually.

    I had a lump in my throat during the Postgate tribute, specifically at the first glimpse of the Bagpuss intro. What an evocative fusion of words and images that was.

  4. Chris O says:

    i also saw the whole programme and thought Charlie Brooker’s tribute to Postgate was excellent. Some valid points made to underline the real sense of understanding he had when making programmes that children would enjoy well into adulthood.

  5. Rob Williams says:

    The most beautiful thing this year… Brooker has been excellent all year, but this was so touching and well thought out…
    Kudos to Mr Brooker cutting through the cloudy fog of television and at least bring us what everyone is thinking

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