RIP 2008

A salute to a few TV Cream heroes who have died this year.

There’s a higher quality version over here.


8 Responses to RIP 2008

  1. Chris O says:

    Ah, very nice. Very tastefully done.

    Amazing isn’t it – there’s always someone you’d forgotten had passed away when you see an obituary list like this?

    All of them much missed, but they’ll be long remembered.

  2. Gavin says:

    Lovely Tribute. But you missed out Reg Varney.

  3. OrangeRevel says:

    Ah, that was great. Thanks.

  4. Rob Williams says:

    They made television…. And Television made them… We aloowed them into our homes as if they were friends and now we salute then… RIP

  5. Roman Empress says:


  6. David Bodycombe says:

    Superb as always. Still miss the weekly videos.

  7. Arthur Nibble says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I gasped a couple of times when I saw faces who I forgot has passed away, and the Oliver Postgate caused me to choke back the tears.

  8. Robert Woolley says:

    Well done. Shame you couldn’t have had a Mike Flex clip from Radio Active for Geoffrey Perkins and “salute to Thames” for Brian Cowgill

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