Photo clippage #50

To celebrate reaching a half-century of graphical archivery, here’s that official new Countryfile presenting line-up in full:



5 Responses to Photo clippage #50

  1. maggie philbin says:

    And that’s why I love John Craven. He’s the only one looking me in the eye!

  2. Mike says:

    twittered this to Maggie, her reply says it all:-

    maggiephilbinVery scary pic courtesy @sheddriver. » link to Photo clippage #50 « TV Cream Towers I think you can tell a lot about a bloke’s character from this pic can I add! :-)

  3. Mike says:

    omment from maggie:-

    maggiephilbin Have never seen this one – so fabulous to have it

  4. Nick White says:

    Presumably a publicity shot for this: “I just wanna be a winner” by Brown Sauce…

  5. Drbendy says:

    By the looks of Chegwin’s fingering (Two words that should never be put together)He can actually play, but is being put off by cuckolded Noel grabbing the neck.

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