Adam and Joe win fuck all

And they were up for four awards. Sure, they were runners-up in three categories, but nobody remembers you if you came second.

These awards, nominated by the great and the good*, seem to prefer shouty men (Evans) and women (Feltz) or worthy projects (Radio 3, Brixton prison) to shows that are funny, fresh and imaginative. Still, it’s a reminder how something you think is self-evidently the best thing on the radio can fly straight over the heads of everyone else. 

*They’re not.


3 Responses to Adam and Joe win fuck all

  1. Ian B says:

    They can Stephen and song war monger all day if they want, but they can’t cut it when up against cutting edge broadcasters like Feltz and Evans.

  2. Jason Carter says:

    Didn’t George Lamb win one last year? If so the whole thing’s devalued and they’re better off without.

    I have a spider sense tingling feeling that a disastrous mve to Radio 2 might be in the pipeline for A&J.

  3. ksw1980 says:

    The Arqiva’s (however you spell it)….that’s where it’s at!

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