Photo clippage #53

Friday 22nd May 2009

Meet Pudsey Bear mark 1. Save for this photo, he seems to have been airbrushed out of history – perhaps wisely.

Presumably Michael Grade arrived at the Beeb, took one look at this scruffy unkempt ragamuffin and demanded a makeover. And then he ordered a new Pudsey as well.

A pre-Michael Grade Pudsey


Hello, we’re Mike Moran and Lynsey De Paul

Friday 15th May 2009

…and we’ve just got one thing to say about the current health of the economy¬†and the public’s opinion of elected politicians. Take it away Ronnie!

Tragedies? We got 'em

Photo clippage #52

Monday 11th May 2009


"She blinded me..."

Photo clippage #51

Saturday 25th April 2009

It’s 14th January 1976, and the country’s streets and fields are in a shocking state. The call goes out for a) a glamorous songstress who’s been around a bit and b) a pint-sized reassuring funnyman who can fit in a metal dustcart. Cilla and Arthur Askey are not available, so…

It's lovely to be with you again

Photo clippage #50

Wednesday 8th April 2009

To celebrate reaching a half-century of graphical archivery, here’s that official new Countryfile presenting line-up in full:


Photo clippage #49

Tuesday 24th March 2009

Here are three folk clearly up to something agreeable…but what?


Yorkshire TV studios: photo clippage special

Wednesday 4th March 2009

A chevron-sized salute to those in or around its soon-to-be-emptied environs…

1) It’s May 1978, and a waspishly-posed Ted unveils The Gentle Secs, ahead of the very first edition of 3-2-1. Six swivel chairs was clearly a talking point in those penny-pinching pay policy days, though it’s a shame they couldn’t find half a dozen of the same model. The Secs, that is.


2) Richard Whiteley demonstrates the art of a good local newsreader, but more importantly the art of a good local newsreaders’s desk; to wit: modest glass of water; carefully-folded glasses; trimphone; stick microphone on specially mounted chipboard; stapled running order; rollerball pen (possibly); and a mystery object discreetly tucked away under a folder A3 document for viewers to speculate about while doing the pots.


3) More 3-2-1 photo opportunage. This time Cap’n Ted’s gone on a day trip up the river (with comically over-sized cap, naturally), along with six barely-dressed ladies (Secs status unclear) and, apropos a spot of girth and merriment, Harry Secombe.


4) A visitor turns up outside the studio in 1986: it’s the People’s Princess! And Diana Spencer.


5) The dog days of John Major’s administration: canvassing for pretend votes in the living room of Betty Eggleton and Seth Armstrong.


6) Richard Whiteley’s warm-up essays a few gags about federalism. Not sure what’s on the YTV display stand behind him – Pete Postlethwaite in another heartwarming tale of a man overcoming the odds to become a shining example of human decency? Co-starring Su Pollard, by the looks of it.